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Asime means "in the hand" or "the market" in Ewe, a West African language. By extension, the expression "Asi le Asime" means hand in hand, therefore a relationship based on Trust and Bond, in a way "my Word is my Bond" and the handshake seals the relationship.

Founded in 2020, Asime Ventures is already recognized as a preferred angel, seed and pre-Series A firm with a reputation for successful partnerships across Africa, both Anglophone and Francophone.

When we decide to work with a new company or new team, we go all in and become fully invested in all aspects of their business, without being obstructive. We're here to support !

We’re looking for innovation, hard work and grit, and have a strict criteria for selecting our next startup partners.

While we only invest in a handful of companies a year, it means we can focus solely on those who we believe really have the founders, team and drive to succeed.

We invest between $5k and $50k in Angel to pre-Series A round across Africa, notably Ghana, Kenya, Côte d'Ivoire, Madagascar, Togo, Nigeria and South Africa.

If you are looking for funding, go to APPLY

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